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[Daily Dose] The Correct Way To Diet…

March 28, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

The Correct Way To Diet…

Unfortunately, there’s A LOT of bad diet advice out there… I’m sure you’re aware.

In fact, I hope that’s actually why you’re reading this!

I hope you follow me and trust my advice, because you know I’m going to be a straight shooter who gets right to the point and only delivers content that is not only true – but science based and backed by real world people.

And that’s the case with today’s daily dose…

See, due to SO MUCH bad information out there in the fitness and nutrition industry — it’s always been my goal to help people do things the right way.

To teach people that you CAN lose fat, without sacrificing the things that matter most to you.

Hormonal balance…

Physical performance….

Social life…

Mental health…

But it requires something that you never want to give (here’s that real, no-bullshit, type of content I was talking about):


The truth is, you CAN go fast with this.

You can lose fat quickly and get to your goal weight pretty rapidly if you want.

But there’s a trade off…

In fact, there’s 4 trade offs and I listed them all above.

Hormonal balance is hard to obtain or maintain, if you rush the process.

Physical performance in the gym (and the bed, if we’re being really real here) is going to decline, if you rush the process.

Social life will be non-existent, if you rush the process.

And your mental health will take a hit, because you will be stressed out and overly food-focused, if you rush the process.

But with a slower, more sustainable approach…

An approach like we use at Tailored Coaching Method (*shameless plug*)…

You can keep your hormones healthy and avoid negatively hormonal adaptations.

You can keep performing at your best in the gym and at home.

You can keep your social life in-tact and enjoy a burger or beer or pizza or wine on regular occasions.

You can even ensure you don’t go crazy or feel like you’re suffering, in the process.

This is why we often tell clients, this is the last diet you’ll ever need.

Because when we’re done, you will be in a place that allows you to sustain the result you achieved indefinitely.

Not only from a physical perspective, either.

But from an educational perspective as well – because we TEACH OUR CLIENTS what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how it’s to be done.

And we do this because we want to build better buy-in while we’re working together, which ultimately leads to better adherence and consistency.

But also because we want them to be able to continue seeing results, long after they’;re done with us!

Since we know that at some point in time, whether that’s in 3 months or 3 years, they will be going off on their own to do the work solo.

And it’s our jobs as their coaches, to empower them to be able to do that.

Even if that means this ISN’T the last diet for them — take me, for example, I have dieted many times before and WILL do it again. Shit, I am dieting right now!

But it’s because I spend periods of time building muscle or maintaining it for health purposes, so that I can come back and get leaner (with more muscle) next time I do it.

However, the same coaching philosophy applies.

If you just want to get lean, we TEACH you.

If you want to know how to go through phases, we TEACH you.

Regardless, fueling your autonomy is one of the main goals we havel.


If any of this hit home with you or triggered you a bit…


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