[Daily Dose] The 80/10/10 Rule.

February 3, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

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The 80/10/10 Rule.

This is a training principle that I teach many of my clients, but I think it carries over into all areas of life.

The 80/10/10 rule is the following:

> 80% of your training is going to be mediocre. You’ll add 5lbs to the bar, maybe. You’ll feel pretty good about it and you’ll make progress, but nothing to write home about.

> 10% of your training is going to be on a super-hero level. I’m talking PR city, crushing big lifts and posting every rep to your instagram to make sure your strength is seen.

> 10% of your training is going to be dog shit. You’re going to feel like a straight up newbie and if anything, you’re taking weights off the bar instead of adding it onto the bar.

Now if we look at this across the entire year of your training, there’s not that many sessions that you’re going to be overly hyped about.

If you’re the typical gym rat, you’ll be more than satisfied with the 80% – but that’s because you fall in love with the culture and the process, not the PR’s.

Which is a good tip for anyone struggling to love the process.

But nonetheless, this shows us one MAJOR principle for success…

Success is found in the 80%.

It’s created in the boring day to day grind.

It’s given to those who are willing to endure the monotonous aspects of the process.

It’s developed from repetitively putting in the work, regardless of how great the day is.

It’s about simply showing up.

It’s mastering the basics.

It’s consistent.

In everything you do, commit to the 80%.

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