[Daily Dose] The 10 Training Commandments.

March 3, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

The 10 Training Commandments.

Full transparency, I stole these from another strength coach (Ben Bruno).

But I thought it was great and I wanted to share with you / give my own two cents on all the commandments, because I know the value they hold.

And it gave me the idea of doing the nutrition commandments next, so stay tuned for that Daily Dose tomorrow.


The 10 Training Commandments:

  1. Thou shalt not train through pain.
  2. Think of strength training as your entree and cardio as the side dish. Both have their place, but divvy your time and energy accordingly.
  3. The hard exercises that you hate doing are generally the ones that work the best. Sorry.
  4. You can always have an excuse not to train, but at some point you just have to make time for it. Or be weak and out of shape.
  5. Thou shalt train thy legs.
  6. Mobility work is boring; do it anyway.
  7. Remember that outside of the gym, no one cares what you did for your workout, or about your diet. Keep it to yourself.
  8. Similarly, nobody cares how much you lift. Drop the ego, drop the weight, and do it right. From matters.
  9. Train the muscles you can’t see in the mirror (glutes, hamstrings, back, etc.) more than the muscles you can see (pecs, biceps, etc.). It’s good for you, and just because you can’t see the, everyone else still can.
  10. Don’t overcomplicate things. Always be learning, but at some point you have to put down the books and pick up the weights.

My Thoughts / Conclusion:

– Training is a game of patience, balancing intensity, and consistency.

– Commit and plan for the long haul.

– Push yourself hard, but don’t go overboard.

– Know when to stop and when to ramp it up.

– If you can’t do it MANY TIMES, you shouldn’t do it ANY TIMES.

– You won’t always like what you gotta do… but you’ll love the result it gives you.

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