[Daily Dose] The 10 Nutrition Commandments.

March 4, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

The 10 Nutrition Commandments.

Like I told you on yesterday… I’m bringing you the 10 Nutrition Commandments!

These are the 10 “rules”, written in stone, that shouldn’t be ignored or disobeyed ⏤ Unless you DON’T want to get results, I guess…

But that’s not you, is it?

Hell no.

I know you want to see better results with your physique, health, or performance in the gym (if not all the above), because you wouldn’t be reading this still if you didn’t! PERIOD.

So… let’s get into it…

The 10 Nutrition Commandments:

  1. Thou shall be patient. I know, it sucks and you want results now. But the first commandment is the first commandment for a reason… it can’t be bypassed.
  2. Think of your calories as the king of the castle and your macros as the queen, while your training is the prince/princess. They all play a role and have a seat at the head table. However… The king has the final say, just like calories need to be in check to see progress. But that king won’t work half as well if his queen isn’t supporting him and keeping him in check, just like individualizing your macros will make a calorie intake 10x more effective.
  3. If you can’t do it forever, don’t do it now. In other words… if it’s not something you can consistently sustain, then just stop before you start.
  4. Duration is more important than speed. Look, I want fast results too… with EVERYTHING! Literally. However, fast results only happen through unsustainable means. So choose the tortoise, not the hare.
  5. Thou shall not assume they can out-train a bad diet. Although it’d be nice to train hard enough to not need to worry about a diet, when trying to get lean… it just won’t happen unless you’re a professional athlete training multiple times a day (and even then, they’re not trying to get lean ⏤ it just happens).
  6. Flexibility means having a choice, not eating like a child. Once IIFYM hit the scene, every assumed good-whole-healthy nutrition went out the window… no, it didn’t. Flexible dieting just means that you can CHOOSE between the apple or banana and the steak or salmon and potato or rice. It also means a burger now and then is fine… but whole foods always have a place, if you want to look AND feel good ⏤ permanently.
  7. Your diet is your diet, so stop telling everyone about it. Plain and simple ⏤ nobody gives a shit. Sorry to be blunt. But most people just don’t care, which is fine… so keep it to yourself! Be proud of and for you, and keep working in silence (until you meet another gym-nerd to talk to).
  8. Thermodynamics can never be disproven. There’s a lot of guru-ism out there about how to work around or trick a calorie deficit, but they’re all false. So don’t fall for them. It’s science; like gravity. There are plenty of things that contribute to, negatively impact, or effect your calorie balance ⏤ but they do not, and will not, debunk or mystically trick your calorie balance.
  9. Thou shall not also assume they can out-diet bad habits. Look, I’m the type that would rather say “I’ll sleep when I die” and just stay awake 24-7. Really, I would. I get fomo and would rather work, train, and experience life than sleep it away. But I can’t work, train, or experience life, fully, if I don’t sleep. So check your sleep and all your other habits, like drinking enough water and managing stress, before you continue to drop your calories.
  10. Whether you realize it or not, accountability is the biggest factor in success. As humans, we just need it. Plain and simple. So last but not least, find some accountability⏤ IF you really want to get some serious results.

Alright, that’s a wrap!

I hope you get some value out of these and IMMEDIATELY look at what you’re doing, to see if you can improve or shift your thinking, in order to abide by these 10 commandments.

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