[Daily Dose] “SHUT UP, WEAK-BRAIN! // Speak up, strong-brain!”

January 31, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

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“SHUT UP, WEAK-BRAIN! // Speak up, strong-brain!”

I committed to a handful of habits for 66 days, with my entire team – it’s part of our internal challenge.

One of those habits was a 30 minutes walk with a weight vest…

And the reason is NOT for fat loss or to burn more calories. That’s a great bonus, though.

The reason is because it’s uncomfortable and it challenges me.

Because I knew there would be days where I really wouldn’t want to do it…

I know, it sounds psychotic.

But that’s part of this challenge.

Not being a psycho, but challenging yourself to do things that make you uncomfortable.

We have 4 categories within the challenge and one of them is physical/health/fitness, but the only way we would accept the habit, as a group, was if it was something that would truly push you.

For me, I walk daily.

I train daily.

So those are easy…

But being patient enough to make it a full 30 minutes walk, EVERY DAY…? That shit pushes me, because I am so busy that I often say “I don’t have time”.

Which is a bullshit excuse, if I’m being honest, and this forced me to manage my time better.

The weight vest part is just the cherry on top… My rationale was that it makes it harder to breathe while walking at a decent pace.

So yeah… just makes it fucking hard!

Now, that’s not what today’s daily dose is about.

Yesterday I went for my walk and decided I’d also walk Bubba and push Blakely in the stroller simultaneously.

Definitely made it hard!

But we got about 20 min in and my daughter wanted to go back home, so what’d we do?

We went home! Got there and my timer said 25 minutes…

My weak brain said that was good enough.

But then my strong brain reminded me that I committed to 30 minutes. Not 25.

So I dropped them off and went back out, accomplishing an EXTRA 20 minutes.

50 minutes total.


Because I tried to stop short.

I was playing small.

And I needed to prove to myself that I don’t take the easy way out.

Sounds a bit hardcore, I know…

But how many times in your life have you told yourself it’s good enough?

Whether it’s stopping at 8 reps instead of 10 or doing 10 seconds on the assault bike instead of 20 seconds like the program says…

Shit, ask yourself this question about EVERY aspect of your life!

Chores around the house…

Energy given to your family time…

Productivity and tasks at work…

Counting calories or weighing your food…

We all do it and we all do it too often.

And the reason I’m writing this is because someone told me this exact thing about a time where they stopped their cardio at 39 minutes instead of 45…

But then they jumped back on and did an extra 15 minutes as a way to remind themselves that THEY CAN DO THAT SHIT.

So now, I’m sharing my story to remind YOU that YOU can do whatever YOU want.

As long as you don’t let your weak brain get in your way anymore.

And when it starts to, go above and beyond by using your strong brain.

You need to prove to yourself that you can exceed expectations in order to consistently get the results you want.

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