[Daily Dose] Self-Made is Made Up.

March 2, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

Self-Made is Made Up.

If you’re a hip-hop head (i.e. someone who loves rap music), you’ve heard the term Self-Made at least a hundred times.

It’s a cool thing to say and definitely sounds dope in the lyrics of a song, especially a song about being a boss or something.

But what is self-made, really…?

Honestly, it’s a made up concept.

It’s impossible to be self made.

Not only because quite literally someone else made you (aka your parents), but also because nobody reaches a respectable level of success without some guidance.

How do you learn the steps to take?

Where do you adopt your habits from?

Who do you model your path after?

How do you even know what your goal is, without seeing that the goal is even attainable or a destination to reach in the first place?

You can’t, because you need to see someone else do it first.

Which is why self made is made up.

And the problem with most people who have failed to realize this, is that they are trying to reach their goal on their own — in an attempt to be self made.

They’re working their assess off, without investing any time, energy, or money into coaching, mentoring, tools, strategies, etc.

All the things that pave the path and warn you of the speedbumps you’ll hit along the way.

And without having access to those things, you run the risk of failure.

At best, slowing your journey down and taking twice as long to reach your goals.

So today’s lesson is simple…

Lose the ego and stop trying to be self made.

Accept help from others and stay open minded.

Take what others have already done and use it for yourself.

Copy people’s strategies for success, because they work.

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel and instead, improve the wheel that’s already been made.

The journey to your desired outcome will be much faster if you take this advice, now…

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