[Daily Dose] Patience, Persistence, & Positive People.

January 9, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

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Patience, Persistence, & Positive People.

If there was ever a formula for success… this is it.

The 4 Prolific P’s of Prosperity, I’d call it.

Sounds ridiculous, but it fucking works.

And I had this insight because I just got done speaking at an event in Scottsdale Arizona with a group of amazing people, all trying to help others create more impact.

But the funny thing was…

As I looked at the others on stage, I noticed that at least 4 of them are people I met by attending a seminar just like this years ago…

We were all in the crowd, together.

But we came from different parts of the country to get there.

All of us flew in with ONE specific mission…

Learn more, take in as much information as possible, and connect with other growth minded individuals.


Because that’s what successful people do, to be honest.

But more specifically than that, we came there to learn how to create more impact.

We had passion and we had a purpose behind our work, but we needed MORE in order to grow.

Which will always be the common thread amongst anyone trying to accomplish anything at all, right?

Learn more, so you can become more and do more, to help more people.

AKA – Create. More. Impact.

And through those events, we all became friends.

Years later here we are, on the same stage – each individually asked to be there I might add, because none of us helped one another land the gig.

But as I thought about this I reflected back and really tried to come up with ONE reason why this was the case…

And it came down to THREE things:

> PERSISTENCE: We all had this. We were hard workers who simply wouldn’t slow down or give up, until we got where we wanted to go. Still that way, too.

> PATIENCE: Again, we all had this too. We were all and still all are patient as hell. No matter how long the journey is, count us in.

> POSITIVE PEOPLE: Last but definitely not least, we all are very positive. We think big, we think bright, and we think better than the average person. Why? Honestly, WHY NOT is a better question to ask! What other option do you have? And this leads to you surrounding yourself with other positive people, which only elevates you more.

So the lesson behind today is really simple…

Be persistent in what you’re seeking.

Be patient as hell with your process getting there.

And be positive, so you can surround yourself with positive people. Attitude and environment matters.

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