[Daily Dose] MJ, Kobe, Tom Brady… You.

January 25, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

2 Min Read

MJ, Kobe, Tom Brady… You.

Full context here – I don’t like watching sports, AT ALL.

Therefore I know nothing about stats, wins, rules, or anything regarding actual sports.

However, I do know a lot about some of the best players ever.


Because I study them.

They’re some of the hardest working, biggest thinking, and most determined individuals on the planet.


So I read about them, watch their documentaries, and study their routines…

But here’s why I’m telling you this:

They all have ONE trait in common.

They are obsessed with their ONE THING.

Absolutely obsessed, but that’s why they’re the best.

And that’s what you need to be, too, if you want to be the best at your thing.

Be OBSESSED with being the best parent.

Be OBSESSED with being the best spouse.

Be OBSESSED with being the best athlete.

Be OBSESSED with being the best trainee.

Be OBSESSED with being the best dieter.

Be OBSESSED with being the best health enthusiast.

Be OBSESSED with being the best content creator.

Be OBSESSED with being the best entrepreneur.


Shit, be OBSESSED with being the best YOU.

See, the problem is that if YOU decide to be obsessed with your ONE THING and become the best at it, because trust me – you will be one of the best if you do decide to become obsessed…

People will call you crazy.

They’ll say you have zero balance in life and it’ll make you feel like a bad human being.

You’ll start to doubt yourself because “nobody gets it”.

They’ll try to get you off your path to sit around with them.

And the thing that has been mind boggling to me, is that nobody ever says that about Kobe, Michael Jordan, or Tom Brady….

You notice that?

To the world, they’re amazing.

They’re the best, they’re praised, they’re loved.


Because they’re rich and famous?

And that’s nothing against them, because I admire the hell out of them.

But I also admire the Mom who takes her job VERY seriously and absoltuely fucking crushes it as a parent.

And the small business owner who is growing at a rapid rate.

Or the content creator who produces more media than anyone else around.

See, balance is NOT about time… it’s about energy.

I spend HOURS more time on my business than I do with my daughter and I don’t feel bad at all.

As long as I’m present and devoting my FULL ENERGY to her when I’m with her, my balance is maxed out.

We have to make sacrifices to be successful in ANY endeavor.

Fat loss, sport, business, parenting – ANYTHING.

And part of the sacrifice you have to make is time.

Because only with a large amount of devoted time can you become THE BEST.

Like MJ, Kobe, Brady, Tiger… They all devoted MORE TIME and energy to their craft.

They all had MORE self belief.

They all ignored EVERYONE telling them they were crazy.

And like anyone else who wins… once they got to the top level and proved everyone wrong, they were praised.

So the last thing I’ll leave you with is simple…

Those athletes aren’t different from you.

They’re human, just like you.

They just found their one thing, devoted the most time they could to it, and became obsessed with getting better.

So much so that it allowed them to ignore everyone who wanted to bring them down.

Whatever it is that YOU want to be the best at…

Make it an obsession.

It’s not crazy, it’s passionate.

And anyone who tells you otherwise simply hasn’t found anything to be that passionate about yet.

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