February 5, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

2 Min Read


Want to know how to unlock unlimited motivation…?

Take action and get results.


Sounds too simple to be true, I know.

But seeking motivation from external sources (YouTube videos or inspirational books) is a temporary boost of energy, NOT a sustainable fuel source.

It’s like NOS in your car… use it to boost your engine and get shit done.

But don’t rely on it, because it won’t last.

REAL motivation, that lasts a long time…

It comes from YOUR results.

When you build discipline, take action, and stick with it — you’re rewarded with results.

Those results? They’re motivating as fuck!

Which is why it’s the most consistent source of motivation you’ll ever experience.

And the beauty of this is….

It won’t stop, if you don’t.

Because if you KEEP taking action, you’ll KEEP getting results, which will lead to UNLIMITED motivation.

It’s called the success loop because it keeps looping and looping and looping…

Without ever stopping, really.

Unless YOU choose to stop it.

But honestly, results are the most positively addicting thing you’ll ever experience.

So it’s highly unlikely that you’ll stop it.

But here’s the difficult part…


The beginning is without a doubt the hardest.

The first time you need to “take action”, will without a doubt be the hardest time you’ll ever have to take action.

But once you break through that barrier, things begin to snowball into more and more progress.

So never let the scarcity of taking action and fear of failure stop you from taking action.

Because that first step is THE STEP that leads to your success.

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