[Daily Dose] Maktub – “It Was Written”.

February 7, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

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Maktub – “It Was Written”.

This is an Arabic phrase that’s used throughout the book, The Alchemist.

And if you’ve never read that book, you’re definitely missing out. I don’t care if you’re a trainer, a banker, a store clerk, a Mom or Dad, a student, or WHATEVER.

It’s a universally applicable book for purpose and success.

And that’s actually partially what Maktub really is.

It’s the universal language we all speak.

It’s the omens that present themselves in our lives.

Whether you believe it’s the universe or God putting these omens in front of you is irrelevant.


Things happen FOR YOU, not TO YOU.

And if you’re unable to pull the insights and lessons from these things that occur, you lose in the game of life.

See, finding your “Personal Legend”, which is what the entire book is about finding your purpose in life.

But this really only can happen if you’re hyper-aware of what is going on around you, always trying to extract the lessons that are being placed in front of you in order to understand life and yourself better.

Now, Maktub specifically means “It Was Written” – Which also just happens to be the second album released by Hip-Hop’s greatest lyricists, Nas.

If we further breakdown “it was written”, we can basically assume that it’s saying “what happens is and was supposed to happen”.

It means that YOU are supposed to do ________.

Supposed to achieve ________.

Destined to become ________.

Meant to reach ________.

Nothing is by mistake.

Now for some that might seem a little far fetched…

But I’d have you consider that those who believe that, never achieve their personal legend.

Or in other words, never fully reach their potential and the success they desire.

Because those who accept that, roll with the punches and continue pushing forward.

They don’t see losses, because they only see lessons.

Therefore nothing fully knocks them down; things may just slow them down for a moment.

And inside the book, it says that if your gut is telling you what your personal legend is…

The universal will conspire to help you get there.

Because, it was written.

So if you FEEL you’re SUPPOSED to achieve, become, reach, or accomplish _____________…


You don’t feel it for no reason.

You feel it for a very specific reason.

YOUR reason.

So don’t let your mind play tricks on you,


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