[Daily Dose] It’s Boring & Un-Sexy… But it WORKS.

March 5, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

It’s Boring & Un-Sexy… But it WORKS.

Have you ever noticed that the strategies, methods, and tools which seem to work best for producing results… tend to NOT be that cool, sexy, hardore, or exciting?

I mean really, think about it if you haven’t yet.

Do the same exercise every week and add load slowly (progressive overload).

Fasting, keto, paleo… unless a calorie deficit is in place they don’t do shit (energy balance).

Do really good work for a lot of people, then your biz will grow (word of mouth).

We can even just simplify it into single words that are KNOWN to be fundamental keys for results or success….

> Consistency.

> Patience.

> Effort.

> Value.

> Calories.

> Positivity.

> Ambition.

And in this list, you didn’t hear…

> Intermittent fasting detox cleanses.

> Ketogenic reset for improved insulin sensitivity.

> Hybrid-concurrent power-bodybuilding.

> Explosive FB advertising lead funnel.

> Tik-Tok growth marketing hack for fast business growth.

Are you catching what I’m throwing, here?

But the funny thing here is… I didn’t come up with any of these things.

I legit have seen each and every one of the things on the list above.

Which is crazy, because they sound so fucking ridiculous.

But they also sound really appealing, don’t they…?

Fast results, quick growth, hack-methods… they all sound sexy, exciting, and cool as fuck.

But they are all gimmicks.

At best, false advertising. Because intermittent fasting is real and can work, with a deficit. So it’s not a gimmick. But the way the guru sells it to you, is.

Which brings me to the entire point here…

There are no hacks.

PERIOD. End of story.

It takes patience, hard work, and consistency — doing ______ {insert the actions required to reach your goal}.

And those who accept that, are the ones who no longer struggle to do the work required.

They’re also the ones who see the biggest and best results, year after year.

Because they begin to LOVE doing the work.

It has purpose and meaning to it now.

And once they get results from it, they get MORE motivated to keep working hard…

Which is what starts the cycle; we call it the success loop.

Take Action → Get Results → Feel Motivated 🔁

Science proves it and experience has shown it.

The things that work aren’t that cool, exciting, or hardcore.

But they work.

So get fired up about the boring shit…

Because that alone will put you into a new category of humans.

And that category gets results.

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