[Daily Dose] Is Your Body A Sports Car? Or A Junk-Yard Cruiser?

January 6, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

2 Min Read

Is Your Body A Sports Car? Or A Junk-Yard Cruiser?

Would you trade your life for a Ferrari?

Or any “dream car” you might have….?

[67 Fast-Back Shelby Mustang or a 2022 Aston Martin Rapide AMR, for me…]

I’m assuming your answer is no, because obviously your life is far more valuable to you than a freakin car.

But let me ask you this…

If you DID have that car, how would you treat it?

Would you fill it with premium gas? Yes.

Would you clean it on a regular basis? Yes.

Would you be constantly checking for recalls or issues under the hood? Yes.

Would you let people eat or drink in the cockpit? Hell no.

Would you run it on empty or low oil? Not a chance.

Here’s my point…

You would treat that fucking thing like GOLD.


Because it basically is!

Both the cars I listed are worth well over $100k.

But here’s the thing… If your body is worth MORE than that vehicle, why are you treating it like a beat up junkyard car?

And maybe you’re a fit person, so let’s say “treating it like a 2014 Toyota 4Runner”.

Why? Because that’s still a nice car.

But it’s no Aston Martin.

See, if you treated your body like the most expensive vehicle – which, by the way, it actually fucking is because making it to the end of your days depends on it….

You’d be eating whole foods, organic when you could.

You’d be hydrated 24-7.

You’d take your vitamins every single day.

You’d hit the gym multiple times per week.

You’d stretch your muscles and mobilize your joints.

You’d track your intake to ensure you weren’t over or under eating.

You’d have checkups at the chiropractor.

You’d have your annual physical and dental appointments booked.

Catch my drift?

See, even I was failing on some of this.

I’ve BEEN lean, muscular, and strong.

But I was stressed, lacking sleep, my joints ached, and it had been years since I’ve seen a doctor or dentist.

That’s not treating my body right, so what did I do?

I made appointments with the chiro, doctor, and dentist – AND, before I left that initial appointment… I made my next appointment so that I didn’t fall off again!

So my question for you today is simple…

What kind of car are you treating your body like?

The Aston Martin? 2014 Toyota? Or maybe the 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme (the horrendous car my brother and I had to drive as teenagers)?

Whatever you’ve been doing…

It’s time to make a shit.

Treat your body like the luxury sports car it deserves to be.

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