[Daily Dose] How To Turn A Bad Day Around

February 20, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

How To Turn A Bad Day Around

I had a pretty shitty day today.

Yesterday, as you’re reading this.

Up until 11am, which is 5-6 hours after I start my day, nothing could go right.

And 99% of it was out of my control, which ironically is actually MORE difficult to deal with than when things are IN your control.

Probably because you can’t seem to do shit about it…

See, TIME is my most precious asset.

Nothing is more valuable than it to me.

So if you waste my time, it’s hard for me to not get pretty frustrated.

My time with family.

My time to be productive for my business.

My time with clients.

My time for my own training.

MY TIME is the most expensive asset I own and that will never change.

Because it’s the only thing I cannot get back.

It’s also the only thing that literally creates MORE success in my life.

My time is what produces my results, regardless of what I’m trying to produce results in.

So when someone wastes my time, I see it as them stealing my results.

Which is lesson #1 of this Daily Dose…

View your time as your most valuable asset and you will continually produce better results.

I promise.

Because you will waste FAR less time and produce FAR more results.

Now, lesson #2 is pretty simple and is what this daily dose was titled after…

How to flip that shitty day back around, to be a good day.

It’s far more simple than you’d think, but it’s SO damn hard to do because your own anger is the most stubborn part of you.

After swinging and swinging, missing and missing… I sat down in my chair and put some lo-fi beats on.

I set a timer for 5 minutes.

I closed my eyes.

I breathed in and out, through my nose – specifically belly breathing (not chest).

I said to myself repeatedly,

“I control my emotions.”

“I control my actions.”

“I control my reactions.”

“I control my attitude.”

“I control my energy.”

“And therefore, I control my results.”

I did this for 5 minutes straight, while breathing deeply…

Then the timer went off and I spent another 3-4 minutes just listening to the beats and petting my Bulldog Bubba.

And that’s it.

My day flipped, I got back to business, and I’ve been positively crushing work ever since.

Now, the thing for YOU to take away is simple…

First, when things continually go wrong and you’re getting more and more hyped up… force yourself to calm the fuck down. Period. End of story.

And while doing so, remind yourself that YOU are in control.

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