[Daily Dose] Gratitude Is MOTIVATION.

January 18, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

2 Min Read

Gratitude Is MOTIVATION.

People are constantly seeking things to motivate them more…

You probably do this, too… right?

It’s common.

But it’s kind of bullshit, to be honest.

At least 50% of the motivation people seek is external.

YouTube videos, podcasts, keynote speeches, IG reels, etc…

And that’s cool if you want to watch those and they fire you up, I do it too – shit, I create all of those things for people like you!


If that’s your fuel source, it’s finite.

It’s like nos in a car… you hit the red button that nobody is supposed to touch and BOOM! You’re flying down i-5 going 120MPH in the blink of an eye.

But as the nos runs out and the tank is dry, you begin to slow down at a rapid pace until you’re going at your normal speed again.

Which, if that normal speed is pretty damn slow… you’re dragging ass again like before and that won’t get you where you want to be fast enough, if at all.

Well, life is the same way.

Motivation is your nos, use it sparingly when you need a boost.

Gratitude is your gasoline, it’s what actually fuels your engine to keep moving.

See I always tell people,

“If you fail to stop and smell the roses, you’ll stop having roses to smell.”

In other words, you will not achieve things to be grateful if you don’t slow down and appreciate what you have to be grateful for NOW.

What you have NOW is what creates a drive to achieve MORE,

So the point here is REAL simple…

Stop relying on external things, be that videos or people, to motivate you.

You can use them briefly but if you rely on them as your main fuel source, you’re bound to fail.

I promise you.

But if you use what you already have as fuel, by being extremely grateful for all that is currently great in your life…

Then you will keep on winning and achieving more of those things to be grateful for.

Motivation = Nos.

Gratitude = Gasoline.


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