[Daily Dose] Your efforts need to match your goals.

March 20, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

Your efforts need to match your goals.

I attended a webinar recently and the speaker said to us, “You can raise your commitment or lower your standards.”

Shit hit hard, for a lot of us attending.

And I’m sure it hits you hard, too — just think about it a little deeper here…

What in your life have you accepted a lower standard for?

Your health.

Your body composition.

Your energy.

Your paycheck.

Your relationship.

Your happiness.

Your confidence.

Your “situation”…

Whatever it is, YOU accepted a lower standard.

You accepted mediocrity.

Instead of COMMITTING to MORE and RAISING your STANDARDS of living.

And trust me… I GET IT. I made a small list of things in my life that I’ve done this with, too.

But even though it’s a pretty gnarly slap in the face…

It’s also a wake up call to get better and achieve more.

It’s a come to Jesus moment, in a way… calling you to stand up and WORK for what you deserve, instead of accepting whatever comes to you naturally or feels the most “comfortable” in the moment.

Fuck comfort and Fuck hand outs.

They’re never truly fulfilling and rarely give you what you actually want long term.

You know, the DEEP DESIRES you think about internally but never voice to anyone else or even journal to yourself because then you just realize what you’re NOT currently working towards.

But I’m saying you SHOULD voice it. You SHOULD journal it.

Because awareness precedes change and if you’re still reading this, I know you want change.

You want more.

You want a higher standard for yourself and the results you see.

And I know this might even trigger you a little bit (or a lot)….

So maybe you just wanna give me the middle finger 🖕

Well, that’s fine.

I’d just have you consider that I was flipping off the speaker on the screen, too.

Until I realized he was right.

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