[Daily Dose] If people hate, it means you’re winning.

January 29, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

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If people hate, it means you’re winning.

When I say hate, I don’t just mean internet trolls and instagram gurus commenting on your shit.

Most of us don’t really get that.

But what we do get is people we know DMing us.

Friends or family poking fun when we see them.

Acquaintances we have from back in the day, always with something to say.

You know what I’m talking about.

Shit, when I say all this I’m sure you even have a name or two in your mind.

Unless you’re NOT DOING anything to push towards your goals…

I know, *an abrupt slap in the face.

But listen, the only way people will hate on you is if you’re pushing their comfort zone by pushing your own.

Which means you only have “haters” if you’re actually pursuing something meaningful, on the verge of success, or starting to accomplish some serious results in whatever you do.

And you might ask,

“Well I know these people… so WTF?! Why are they hating?!”

It took me a while to understand it.

I thought they were just shitty people, to be honest.

But as I had more people I actually cared about poking fun, talking shit, or hating – almost to the point of it seeming as if they WANTED me to start doubting myself and fail…

I realized something unbelievably powerful.

Life changing, actually.

To the point where I started to DESIRE that hate and doubt from others.

It acted like a chip on my shoulder, which I could burn as fuel to keep winning.

What I realized was that their hate is simply a reflection of their own self doubt.

It’s a projection of their own fears and insecurities.

YOU are doing something that THEY cannot do.

Or aren’t willing to do.

So what happens?

They lash out with their insecurities and project their own self doubt, fear, and scarcity onto YOU.

Subconsciously hoping that you fail, too.

Because let me tell ya…

In their minds… If your actions to TRY and get results makes them insecure, best believe your success will too.

But what they, or you, don’t realize is that until you ACTUALLY do the work consistently and push through to the otherside, of success…

You won’t inspire them to create change in their own lives.

You’d think as you get more results, their hate will increase.

I think this is all subconscious on their end and that most of the people who do this to you or I for trying to create positive change in our own lives don’t actually intend to do it in this way, because they’re actually good people…

But I do believe subconsciously they will only hate while you’re attempting to win.

But once you win, they’ll ask how you did it.

They’ll respect you for pushing through, despite the fun poked or struggles experienced.

Shit… they might even finally try to do it on their own, too.

But here’s the main takeaway of today’s Daily Dose:

Don’t slow down, give up, or hide the work you’re putting forward based on what OTHERS have to say.

Are they judging you? Probably.

But who gives a fuck.

They’re only doing so out of insecurity.

So instead of letting them make you feel stupid for pursuing your goals; feel bad for them.

I would hate to be in that position.

Shit, I was in that position! And I hated it!

Until I became a person who was inspired by the pursuits and successes of others, instead of being insecure about it.

So make the choice, for yourself.

Ignore the haters and prove them wrong.

While being inspired by the people working their assess off and encourage them to do it more, instead of being insecure about their work ethic compared to yours.

Level up.

We have one life, one body, and one chance.

Why the fuck would we not push ourselves to be our best?

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