[Daily Dose] Don’t Avoid Difficulty, Accept It.

January 28, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

2 Min Read

Don’t avoid difficulty, accept it.

I just started my diet a couple days ago, to try and shed my winter layer.

Truthfully, I want to get shredded.

But not because I feel like I need to.

I’m at a very healthy point in regards to my body comp, hormones, etc…

And I’m married to a woman who actually prefers me with a little meat on my bone, rather than being a shredded stick figure.

However, I love the pursuit of getting lean.

But not just because I like how I look when I’m shredded…

Even though I do love that and have no problem admitting I have vanity based goals.

You shouldn’t be afraid to admit that either, by the way.

Society shouldn’t put pressure on us to look a certain way, but if YOU truly desire to look a certain way – chase it and don’t be afraid to admit it.

Who cares what others say.

And I don’t say “what others think”, because it’s VERY likely that they desire it too.

They just aren’t willing to do the work, therefore they talk down to you for doing so.

Now… that right there, is the point of this daily dose.


See, what I love about dieting is that it’s fucking hard.

I use flexible dieting and diet breaks and all that… but let’s be real here, it’s still a fucking diet.

And diet’s aren’t easy!


But that’s what’s so great about them…

It makes the end result even more fulfilling and rewarding.

It increases your own self-worth, value, and appreciation.

It builds your grit, willpower, and discipline – which carries over into EVERY area of life.

It pushes your worth ethic further and in turn makes you more successful everywhere else.

Now, none of that makes it easy…

It all just makes it more meaningful.

However, if you can REALLY understand this… then you win the game.

If you can do that, then you can accept it’s difficulty instead of always trying to avoid it.

Because the truth is, avoiding it does NOTHING for you.

It actually just prevents you from reaching the goal.

And so, if you want to achieve your goals…

Stop avoiding the difficulty within the pursuit and journey you’re in.

Instead, accept it.

Own that shit.

Because when you do, you will have what it takes to conquer your goals.

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