[Daily Dose] Crucial conversations.

March 25, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

Crucial conversations.

This is the title of a book (i.e. Crucial Conversations) that I’ve read MORE than once in my time as a coach.

It outlines the foundations of how to have tough conversations with people…

But specifically, tough conversations with people you care about.








And it’s a powerful book.

So if you struggle with confronting someone you care about and not only having a hard talk with them, but coming out of it better for doing so (both of you)…

I suggest checking out this book.

But today, I’m not just writing this to try and sell you a book (which I make zero dollars off of)…

I’m writing this for you to give you a slap in the face.

Because if there’s one thing that book taught me, it’s that respect and personal growth both happen when you’re the bigger person in the conversation.

Regardless of which side you’re on.

Be that someone is talking AT YOU or you’re talking AT THEM.

The ONLY way to get respect from others, have respect for yourself, and both grow individually, as well together…

Is to BE ABLE to receive information with an unbiased, unemotional, and non judgemental perspective.

If you fucked up, own it.

If they fucked up, call them out.

If you need to change, create change.

If they need to change, show them the way.

If you desire to grow, succeed, create results, and achieve TRUE fulfillment, in any or all areas of your life…

You’ll need to be able to assess, accept, and accelerate.

Which doesn’t always feel good, because sometimes when you assess your own life or journey… you discover that you’re not happy with where you’re at.

But if you accept that AND the fact that you put yourself there, you’re beginning to show some extreme ownership.

And this WILL lead to acceleration towards the goals you have.

Because awareness comes before change… and change is the ONLY way to grow.

If that wasn’t true, you’d be exactly where you want to be already.

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