[Daily Dose] But what if you gain the weight back…?

March 30, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

But what if you gain the weight back…?

This is a VERY common question we get from people when they first start a nutrition plan with us or if they have concerns going into it…

“What if I just gain the weight back…?”

So first and foremost, if YOU are someone who has asked yourself or a coach this – you’re not alone.

Have peace knowing that many people worry about this and it is a totally valid concern to have!

That would absolutely suck! Working your ass off to drop the weight, just to gain it back.

Which is why I wrote an article about the topic. It’s called “What’s The Easiest Diet To Stay On.”

But before you head over and check that out, finish reading what I’m about to tell you…

95% of people who lose weight gain it back.

About 33% of those people who gain it back, actually end up gaining more.

Now, is this totally accurate?

Kind of… I mean there was a study showing this result, so we can’t really argue with it too much can we?

However what I don’t think it took into consideration was all the people who lost weight, failed, gained it back, tried again to succeed, maybe kept it but maybe gained it back again, etc…

Shit, I can admit that I’m one of them! I lost and gained the weight back more than once before things clicked and I really got the hang of things.

In fact, I think it’s kind of part of the process for most – maybe not always gaining it back, because if we can stop that we want to help do so…

But failure is.

We know failure is part of success in anything in life and dieting doesn’t miss the mark here.

Failing a diet teaches you how NOT to diet in the future.

But I don’t want to get into that, because the dieting strategies that DO NOT work and the ones that DO REALLY WORK are all broken down in the article I dropped today.

I literally debunk a list of fad diets and then explain to you what ACTUALLY works.

What I do want to get into, is the mindset around not trying because you fear failing or reverting back.

If you just don’t try, because of the “what if” of you gaining it back…

That’s like never leaving your house, because what if you get hit by a car.

Or never talking, because what if you say something stupid.

Or never dating, because what if your heart gets broken.

Or never investing, because what if you lose your investment.

But it’s just the same as wondering…

Driving, because what if you could go more places.

Talking, because what if you say something smart.

Dating, because what if you fall in love.

Investing, because what if you double your money.

Now I’m somewhat exaggerating with some pretty obvious things here…

But I want you to think about the “what if game” as a double sided lottery.

It has positives AND negatives, even though your mind only draws itself to the negative most of the time.

But if you PURPOSEFULLY lean towards the positive, you’ll see the outcomes that could happen.

Then you start to think why not try, instead of why you shouldn’t try.

Yes, you might not lose the weight.

Yes, you might lose it and gain it back.

Yes, you might get frustrated along the way.

But you also might lose the weight, never gain it back, and feel really fucking confident about yourself after you accomplish your goals.

And I’d have you consider that if you diet the right way…

The latter is 95% more likely to happen.

You will NOT be the 95% who gains it back this time.

You’ll be the 5% that loses it, sustains it, and loves your body for it.

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