[Daily Dose] Become Your Own Stoic.

February 25, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

Become Your Own Stoic.

You ever wonder how stoics and the old famous philosophers became so smart…?

My tattoo artist and I had a pretty deep conversation about this and it actually made me realize that the only reason they were so damn wise is because they chose to be.

Sounds wild, but really think about this for a moment…

They didn’t have teachers or books that gave them their thoughts and insights.

You know, the ones we all read as mantras or share as quotes.

I mean shit, we read books that are written entirely after ONE single statement made by someone like Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, or Socrates.

So who told them those statements?

Who taught them to think that way?

How’d they learn to get so deep with the simple things of life?

The answer is simple…

Nobody taught them anything.

They taught themselves!

They sat in silence, meditated often, journaled constantly, and observed the life around them in an insightful way, constantly.

That’s it…

That’s how they became some of the wisest people known to man.

But what’s REALLY fucking cool about all that… is that it means they didn’t have anything YOU don’t have right now.

They had time and curiosity, that’s it.

Which means YOU can become your own stoic, if you choose to.

Just like you can lose weight, if you choose to.

You can create financial success, if you choose to.

You can be more positive, if you choose to.

You can get stronger, if you choose to.

You can develop better relationships, if you choose to.


To be a deep thinker, you just simply need to create space and allow your mind to wonder a bit… to look deeper, think more, and document the thoughts you have, allowing them to expand on paper.

But my main point here isn’t to encourage you to become the next great philosopher, although if I inspire you to do so that would be extremely epic.

No, I’m telling you all this because I want to inject POWER into you.

The power to do whatever you want in life and accomplish anything you desire.

Because those who do accomplish their greatest desires, they do so because they choose to and they know that they are in control of their own actions.

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