[Daily Dose] ALL IN or all out.

January 21, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

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ALL IN or all out.

Now, I rarely recommend an all or nothing mentality…

But I also have to acknowledge that the VAST majority of people who get results, kind of have that way of thinking.

Ever notice that…?

So if that’s the case, why is it so bad?

It’s not.

It’s ONLY bad when the circumstance you’re treating this way is negative.

For example if it’s with something that is literally harming your health, mental state, or relationships around you – then yes, of course it’s not good.

But successful people and those who get the best results often struggled with that as well and simply redirected that attitude/energy towards something else.

Because it’s not THAT THING that they need to be all or nothing with…

It’s the fact that they NEED to be all or nothing with SOMETHING.

That feeling of being all in is what they’re addicted to.

It’s what I’m addicted to, as well.

But way back I shifted that mentality from partying, over-eating, and doing things that were unproductive towards my life and goals – to something that was VERY powerful and productive towards my life and goals.



Helping others.

But the reason I’m sharing this with you is because one of the things that the 1st Phorm guys pointed out to me when talking to my team, is that they go above and beyond.

As does 1st Phorm.

And only a high achiever can see, acknowledge, and appreciate another high achiever.

They told me that what I have is special, is different, is above and beyond what they’ve seen in our industry.

And it’s true, because my team is just that.

They’re amazing.

But it’s because they go ALL IN on their passion – coaching.

And when I pointed this out to them, I finished with a question… which I’ll do for you as well.

Why not give 100% into everything you do?

If it takes 4 minutes to half ass something, why not take 5 or 6 and go ALL IN and give your absolute best.

But not just with coaching, I told them.

With parenting.

With studying.

With training.

With connecting.

With communicating.

With helping random people in public that you run into.


Because the only person who suffers with the feeling of regret, due to not giving your all….

Is you.

And there is absolutely nothing that feels as good as lying your head down at night, knowing you absolutely crushed the day – but ONLY because you did your best.

So my suggestion for you is simple…

Go all in on the things you do.

Don’t half ass anything.

Give that extra 1-2 minutes of effort into each and every task, habit, session, conversation, etc.

It’s a SMALL addition, but plays a LARGE role in your success and happiness.

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