[Daily Dose] ACTION > motivation

March 27, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

ACTION > motivation

Pablo Picasso has by far one of the best quotes of all time… he said,

“Action is the foundational key to all success.”

It’s the best because it’s short, simple, and straightforward.

The accuracy of this statement is undeniable, too.

Those who win, simply take action FIRST and MOST consistently.

Which is why I often tell clients and people seeking advice on how to lose fat, follow their diet, get results, or be successful…

To STOP chasing motivation and simply START taking action.

I often say that motivation is like NOS in your car.

You hit the little red button, it ignites, and you take off.

You DEFINITELY speed up, get an adrenaline rush, and you FLY forward…

But only temporarily.

It runs out and when it does, you slow way down.

Which is why it’s fine to take motivation in.

When you see stuff that fires you up or gets you amped up to push yourself forward towards your goals — take it in and USE it, of course.

But don’t RELY on it.

Because it’s not guaranteed to be there tomorrow or the next day…

Which is why INTERNAL motivation is more important than EXTERNAL motivation is.

Internal motivation comes from within you.

It comes from YOUR purpose and reason why.

It comes from YOUR actions and habits.

It comes from YOUR goals and desires.

NOT from anyone else’s.

And the best way to build up your internal motivation is simple…


Action produces results.

Results feel damn good.

Feeling damn good is addicting.

It’s also PROOF that what you did, worked.

When you see the proof of what you created, you build confidence.

Confidence leads certainty and certainty leads to a level of consistency that’s unmatched.

Unbreakable consistency develops discipline and discipline builds relentless results.

This is the formula for becoming unbreakable in your journey.

And it starts with ACTION….

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