[Daily Dose] 9 Habits That Increase Dietary Success

February 10, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

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9 Habits That Increase Dietary Success

When it comes to ACTUALLY seeing success from your diet, it’s more than just macros.

It’s lifestyle habits.

It’s daily routines and planning.

It’s a strong and resilient mind, one that pushes for personal development.

It’s education, to LEARN what’s going on and sustain it.

I could probably name a few more, but you get the point.

It’s not as simple as punching your weight, height and age into an IIFYM Calculator and following the targets it provides.

That won’t create success, especially not long term.

Because along the way… you’ll need to adjust when weight doesn’t change.

You’ll be unmotivated to prep and fall off the wagon.

You’ll need some accountability and support to keep you going.

You’ll need some periodization to make sure you don’t fall into the pit of chronic dieting.

I could go on and on…

Things change; that’s the point here.

And your body will adapt, so your diet needs to be able to as well.

So for today’s Daily Dose, I want to give you 9 specific habits for your diet that will almost guarantee to lead you to success:

  1. Plan. Plan. Plan. Always know tomorrow’s meals.
  2. Stick to ranges, not exact targets. We want to be close to hitting macro targets daily, but the difference between 150 and 160g of protein is not worth your stress or energy.
  3. If it triggers you, remove it. Simply THROW IT AWAY if you can’t help yourself.
  4. Eat out less. I know, not very flexible of me… but reality is, home cooked meals are usually healthier and easier to track – leading to more success.
  5. Limit alcohol to once a week. If you want accelerated fat loss, this never fails.
  6. Be accountable, externally. Share it on IG, hire a coach, tell a friend… do something, so “they know” you’re doing something.
  7. Sleep more. Being sleep deprived leads to mood swings, less motivation, lower energy expenditure, dysfunctional hormones, poor health, increased disease risk, increased cravings… it’s bad. So sleep 7-9 hours a night.
  8. Journal daily. This is under-rated in the diet world, but can be a game changer if you struggle with it mentally OR find yourself binging. Next time, before you do, stop and write out what, why, when, where…. you’ll slowly stop.
  9. Move more. Fat loss comes down to more than just a diet, obviously. But not-so-obviously, movement increases energy expenditure and metabolism, improves health and cognitive function, and even boosts your mood, making you more adherent to a diet plan.

I’ll say it til my face turns blue…

Hiring a coach to help with your nutrition AND your lifestyle is always the best bet.

Which we’re here for (click here to apply).

But NO MATTER WHAT… I’m here to tell you to take action.

To push you in the right direction.

And urge you to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Because YOU can, without a doubt in anyone else’s mind (only yours).

Life is better when you’re fit and healthy.

And to get there, it takes HABITS along with those smart macros.

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