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Coach Caroline:

Q&A – Eating For Your Somatotype, Finding Balance, Carbs vs. Fats, and more… with Coach Caroline!

Episode 214

In Today’s Q&A, I’m joined by Coach Caroline of the Boom Boom Performance Team! Was a nice change of pace to have someone else on the show answering questions with me, because it created a more diverse dialogue and conversation around each and every question. It also allowed us to finally and formally introduce Caroline to the Boom Boom Performance Subscribers and Followers!

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Show notes

(2:55) – Caroline’s Story And She’s A Nutrition Coach Today.

(4:15) What Is Raft Guiding And What Got You Into It?

(8:15) – Are You An Adrenaline Junkie?

(9:40) – What Has Been Your Experience With CrossFit?


(14:30) – What Is Your Method For Adjusting Macros? How Do You Know When To Adjust And By How Much?

(22:00) – Thoughts On Eating For Your Somatotype?

(27:22) – What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge? And How Did You Overcome It?

(39:00) – How Do You Find Balance With Life, Work, And Family? Also, Do You Have Any Strategies To Keep Motivation With Working Out And Nutrition?

(51:00) – Carbs Vs. Fats… If You Are Managing Overall Caloric Intake And Getting The Right Amount Of Protein Does The Split Between Fat & Carbs Matter? Do Your Overall Goals Dictate Your Carb / Fat Split?

(56:30) – I’d Love If You Guys Could Touch On How You Go About Talking To Friends And Family About Their Health, Food Choices And Lifestyle In General When They Aren’t Exactly Asking For Advice Or Help But You Care So You Just Want To Help Lol. I Am Always Worried It Will Come Off As Being Judge Mental Or Like I Am Watching Their Every Move. I Find It Hard To Know When You Say Something And When To Keep Things To Myself When It’s Coming From A Place Of Love.

(1:00:45) – Plank Holds, I’m Talking Like 5 Mins, 5+ Mins, Is There A Continual Benefit Or Cap Out At A Certain Point?

(1:04:15) – You Are Dinner Table With 3 Empty Seats, You Can Pick 3 People To Sit With You, Dead Or Alive, Who Would You Pick?

Thanks for listening!

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